Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to track my order?

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email. You can track your order by the tracking number in the email. If you did not receive the confirmation email, you can contact us via email to obtain your order tracking number.

How long will the order take to arrive?

We will make every effort to deliver your package on time. However, delays may occur due to invalid addresses, customs clearance issues, public holidays, peak seasons, etc. Your patience is highly appreciated.

Why is there no tracking info?

Generally, you will receive an order confirmation email as soon as you complete the payment. And a shipping confirmation email concerning tracking info will be sent to you as soon as the order is shipped out. If you did not receive the email, it may be caused by the following reasons:

1. The email might be shielded. Please check your junk mail.

2. You did not fill in the email address in the order.

3. You might fill in the wrong email address.Please contact us to obtain your order info.

Why is the tracking not updated?

Generally, tracking info will only be updated after completing a certain procedure. For example, it usually takes 3-5 days for customs clearance, and tracking info will be updated after the customs clearance is completed. If the tracking is stuck for more than 7 days, please contact us via email.

Why haven't I received my order when my package has been delivered?

Please follow the steps below:

1. Double check the delivery address on your order is correct.

2. Ensure that your package wasn't picked up by someone else or delivered to a different location outside your property.

3.Please check your nearest post office or common pick-up location.

4. Contact your local courier for the delivery details.

5.If you still cannot find your package, please feel free to contact us.